Who is Film Noir Buff?

Self confessed, mainstream dandy and self styled arbiter elegantiarum.

About the Site

This site is about the pursuit of the art of style by men of taste for men of taste. In the manner of the gentleman amateur it will be free from all taint of commercial interest. Every contribution will be made by someone either not part of the trade or, if in the trade, free from self interest within the article they contribute. And to make it clear, if they are in the trade they will need to exhibit a talent of either craftsmanship or taste to qualify and not simply be salesmen.

Unlike other websites, no favors asked for, no commercial incentives. I am not in the trade or industry of style, fashion, clothes, etc. I am simply a clothes and style aficionado in the purest sense of the word. A man who loves to wear and discuss beautiful clothes that everyone finds enhancing.

Until now, I have been constrained in my pure attempts to provide a connoisseur’s approach to men’s style. This site will allow me, and others, to share and discuss elegant details for men of substance who are interested in dressing well in a modern sense with a nod to tradition.

Coming Soon

Within the next few days I will start publishing interviews with people of style and taste examining how they achieve their look, controversies will be addressed, and old topics will be revisited. In the weeks that follow site will be moving to a new home, when extra features will be added.

An Aside

You will sometimes see this site referred to as FNB.com on other sites, people abbreviate Film Noir Buff to FNB and contract the site name to FNB.com as well. There is another site that changes all references to this site to FNB.com in an attempt to make us harder to reach (do they feel threatened?) so unless you are indeed looking for First National Bank you have found us – welcome.


If there are any articles you would like to see, or any suggestions you would like to make for the site, I can be emailed at film.noir.buff@gmail.com.